Gaulton Academy of Martial Arts (GAMA) is not a style, system or organisation. It is a core of training material, methods and concepts that form a consistent approach to how we, the GAMA instructors, communicate the arts. Students are taught to own the physical elements of the arts they train in and over a period of time develop superior attributes and fighting skills through this type of training.

We provide training in:
  • Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Jun Fan Gung Fu/Kickboxing
  • TBA Thai Boxing
  • Filipino Weaponry - Inosanto Kali
  • Filipino Dirty Boxing (Panantukan)
  • Grappling Arts
  • Self Protection
  • GAMA Fit: Strength & Conditioning

We have a full time training facility within walking distance from the city centre. The classes are from 18.00 until 21.00 Tuesday to Thursday and 10.00 until 13.00 on Saturday. All classes are open to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Each one hour class starts with a warm up to ensure a safe training session. We then break into the main training, which, depending on the class attended, may cover striking, trapping, sparring, grappling, weapon work or self protection.

Given the quantity of material that we have access to, some sessions focus on the technical areas, whereas some are more focused on fight training/conditioning. All classes are designed to develop superior attributes, such as fitness, coordination, timing, reaction speed, power, the understanding of range, etc.